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Welcome to The Pagan Store™!

Chocolate Green Man. This mold can be found here at The Pagan Store

As this site grows, and new things are added, you will find that we are not just another web site with baubles of Pagan related products for sale, but a community to help Pagans, no matter what their pathway, to earn a living on the web.

As the site title (The Pagan Store™) implies, this is a web site set up to be a Pagan store. This is not a site to promote or lead people to follow any particular belief or path. There is a huge amount of information available on the web and in your local libraries for those that are searching for more information about any particular religious organization or group. Our Links page may be a place to start your searches from.

There are local groups in most major cities and communities where you can also learn more about what is going on in your own area.

Enough said.

We hope you enjoy the products we sell here as much as we and our friends enjoy making them.

The Pagan Store™

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